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Quality Control

5.2. IPQC inspection:
5.2.1.Field IPQC first inspect quality and EHS of finished products, then pack qualified products into
carton, and stick product label and green label to the carton. Production team leader should transport the cartons to quarantine area, and fill in Test and Inspection Request to FQC from QC Div.
5.2.2.FQC staff conduct initial inspection on products according to Finished Products Inspection
Standards and customers’requirements, and fill in Inspection Record for the review of QC supervisor. Reinspection by QC supervisor or project supervisor is applicable when necessary.
5.2.3.Pass: should sign on Test and Inspection Request after the finished products pass
inspection, mark “OK” on the conclusion column, stamp “ACC”chop on the upper left corner of the carton or stick blue “QC OK” label marked with pass lots and FQC staff’s signature on the upper right corner. Manfacturing Div. place pass products into storage based on Warehouse Control Procedure. should not take in finished products without FQC’s inspection and signature. 5.2.4.Reject: FQC find finished products disqualified after initial inspection, they should submit
100% Inspection Request to QC supervisor for review. Besides relevant data such as
disqualified items, cause, solution and cost, Process Inspection Record, Process Capability Analysis and other former inspection data should also be referred to, so as for field investigation and corrective actions. QC supervisor confirms the necessity of rework and 100% inspection of disqualified products, 100% Inspection Request should be submitted to supervisor of Manufacturing Dept. for operation, and “NG”label should be stuck on the outer carton. Manufacturing Dept. should send all fail products to Fail Area for further operation. rejection occurs twice for the same problem during inspection, FQC should issue Quality Defect Solution on the basis of Control Process of Corrective Action and Prevention to supervisor of Manufacturing Div. for operation. In case of urgent order after finished products are disqualified but without major flaws in
function, dimension and appearance, Sales Div.should contact customers for delivery approval, and submit AOD (Accept on Diviation) Request based on AOD Operation Standard. Delivery is available upon approval. excessive hazard substances are found in finished products, Manufacturing Div.
should immediately move the products to Excessive Hazard Substances Area, and report to QC supervisor. QC supervisor should notify Sales Div., Material Div. and General Manager for review and solution.
5.3.Stock Inspection:
5.3.1.Warehouse Div. should conduct routine (quarterly) or random stock inspection based on
Warehouse Control Procedure, and submit to FQC reinspection request for hazard substances in out-of-date products or those products with damp, moldy or damaged outer package during transit or storage.
5.3.2.FQC should stick NG label on the carton of disqualified stock products, and submit 100%
Inspection Request to Manufacturing Plan Subdiv. for operation according to Control Procedure of Disqualified Products. NG cause should be analyzed based on IPQC inspection data, and proper measures should be taken to avoid the same problem. 5.4.Final Outgoing Inspection:
5.4.1.Warehouse should check model No., specifications and quantity, according to Shipping
Notice of Sales Div. or Manufacturing Div. esp. the actual quantity in the odd carton and marked quantity on the label, as well as green labels on the outer carton.Products should be placed in Delivery Area, and OQC staff should be notified after pre-delivery preparation. 5.4.2.OQC operator should inspect products according to Shipping Notice,Inspection
Standard,product drawing or customers’confirmation, and MIL-STD-105E Sampling Plan. Shipment is ready after Inspection Record filled by operator and approved by QC supervisor


Shanghai Bestmore Industry Co., Ltd Certifications
Standard: ISO 9001
Number: CN740124
Issued By:
Shanghai Bestmore Industry Co., Ltd Certifications
Standard: ISO 9001
Number: CN740124
Issued By:

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